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“Vertex Engineers” was started in 1999 as a Tool Room with the object of manufacturing quality plastic Die & Moulds. Since our beginning the company has expanded and achieve good position in the field of Die & Moulds. In 2005 we were certified with ISO 9000-2000 and in 2010 we were certified with ISO 9001-2008 with Design. Under one roof our customer can get all the things from concept or idea to real part. We serve all the phase of development.


Our top management is good experienced with plastic material, processes, mould designing, part designing etc. We are continually upgrading our infrastructure, engineer’s skill, knowledge, designing and analysis software etc to match with future demand.


We continually monitoring our system effectiveness to meet customer’s requirement regarding timely delivery and quality product. Also we are evaluating our supplier and developing strong supply chain to match our requirement too.


In order to manufacture the optimum design for our customer, VERTEX work together from the moment, customer’s first product idea is received. The VERTEX support customer during the design phase to optimize the process of the part. After the development phase part or moulds can be manufactured to meet requirement. The plastic part or mould, customer receive will have undergone strict quality control to enable to go in to production at high efficiency level. The VERTEX design department will make sure that customer’s mould produces to a high level of quality so perform best throughout its production life.


Productivity always has been and always will be a cornerstone in the profitability & viability of any industry.


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Our Quality Policy & Certification

At Vertex, we believe partnering our clients add valve to their business. We provide innovative technological solution that are tailored to the requirements of each customer.
We shall ensure that the customer receives the product/service as per agreed quality at the agreed time.
We will strive to continually improve and evaluate our management, quality and manufacturing processes, which will insure ongoing customer satisfaction and success, our too !!


Everything can done better than it is being done - ford