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We promotes creativity in product design allowing customer to create shapes and sizes never before thought possible. We like to share our ideas on Part & Mould development. Designs can work for customer whether customer have a new product idea or customer like to redesign an existing product to take advantages.
Mould Designing or Product Designing is very important than manufacturing it. Designing or creating is not easy job because whole business is depend on it. To get market faster you need to design products right the first time.
"Concept/Idea – Design – Prototype – Analysis – Manufacturing – Validation – Reality"

Our design platform is powered by advance CAD, CAM and CAE software.

Solid Edge

> 2D Drafting
> 3D Modelling
> Part or Mould Designing


3D Creator

Digitizing- Scanning –CAD Comparison
:- with 20 micron accuracy of any article. Work in any condition or  weather. For large parts we can offer on site service. Measure  small car wheel plate to large truck cabin. size  is not a limit.  We can give you comparison data for your existing drawing


Rev Work

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Modelling from 3D scan points
  • Surfacing from points cloud


Provide depth analysis for complete molding process on the world best CAE simulator. which will save money, labor and time.

We can analyze FLOW, COOL, WARP & PACK delicately to reach perfection.
FLOW- filling time & behavior, weld line, air trap, inj. Pressure, clamping force, gate flow rate, shear rate, pressure & temperature distribution etc..
COOL- hot spot area, cooling time, cooling efficiency etc..
WARP- deflection, flatness, deformation etc..
PACK- 3D shrinkage, density, part weight, gate freeze time etc...


Cam Express

3 Axis CNC Machining Programming